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Optimize Your Leadership Skills and Personal Potential with Executive Performance Coaching by Team Performance Institute

The TPI Coaching Team

Bridget Ruiz, Jon Sanchez, and Laura Maasdam

Executive Performance Coaching by Team Performance Institute

Our coaching practice guides high potential executives through an experiential process designed to bring out their greatest leadership potential. The end result is a leader with expanded competence, a deepened understanding of purpose, and an action plan across multiple areas of life.

Through the TPI coaching process, executives are given the opportunity to explore their full potential in a series of one-on-one coaching sessions. With a cadre of elite accomplished coaches, we align each client with a coach that best matches their current needs and goals to advance their leadership capability to the next level.

6-Month Coaching Programs

Our 4 Step Process:



Our Behavioral Assessment identifies your strengths and areas for development, benchmarked against thousands of your peers at the same level in the same industry around the world. This evaluation is tailored to you and/or your executive team. It will reveal you and your team’s strongest attributes, leadership styles, and focus areas for growth.



Our introductory one-on-one session is where we get to know you. We will focus on your personal and professional goals. We’ll define what a winning path looks like, then pair each executive with a personal coach aligned to them.



You’ll experience a results-oriented, purpose-driven coaching engagement with TPI. Coaching sessions will be twice per month for six months (virtual, phone, or in person). We’ll work within a custom curated curriculum aligned with your goals and objectives. Your coaching relationship will be flexible in order to address real-world needs, stresses, and tensions that arise.



As each engagement ends, TPI coaches will consolidate lessons, highlights, and insights into an action plan for your future. If we’re coaching your team, you and the TPI coach will talk through the journey, discuss progress points, and map new milestones.

About Team Performance Institute

Team Performance Institute (TPI) is a leadership development and elite performance firm founded by former US Navy SEAL officer, Jon Sanchez. Jon and his team offer world-class coaching and training to Fortune 100 companies around the globe as well as startup companies needing that extra edge to compete. TPI has developed Executive Performance Coaching programs for industry leaders like Dell Technologies, Cisco Systems, Unisys, and Cincinnati Bell – creating interactive, purpose-driven engagements that help companies build leaders and innovators across all levels of their organizations.


My TPI coach enabled me to see my obstacles from a completely different angle and come to the best solution possible. The process is brilliant!

Pat Haller
Sales Director

Coaching allowed me to really look at myself, my actions and my behavior, both personally and professionally with a totally different light. I would recommend coaching to anybody.

Jen Bazela
Director of Cybersecurity Programs for Unisys Corporation

Because of TPI’s coaching, I can now focus on my team and lead from the front.

Dave Coldwell
Director of Sales for Dell Technologies

I thought coaching would take too much of my time. Now I actually look forward to the hour long session because it slows me down. In the end, I gained more time because of this. I highly recommend TPI’s Executive Coaching Program.

Chris Nyhuis
CEO of Vigilant

Expected Coaching Outcomes

While coaching goals are individually determined, the following themes are examples of common TPI coaching outcomes.

  1. Optimizing leadership performance and personal potential
  2. Developing a personal mission statement that guides detailed next steps in professional and personal growth
  3. Exploring communication and collaboration models to enhance relationship development and outcomes
  4. Exploring boundaries and roadblocks to success and developing techniques and tactics to overcome them
  5. Clarifying and operationalizing personal and professional fulfillment