Issue #2, Summer 2021 - Team Performance Institute

UNISYS Leadership Development Program

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Issue #2, Summer 2021


Hello UNISYS!  As we wrap up Summer here in Ohio, and send the kids back to school, I’ve taken a few extra moments to look back on the milestones we’ve had this summer for the UNISYS LDP Program…we farewelled one class, and welcomed another.  We’ve revamped the programming with of new ways to incorporate our awesome alumni into future classes, and launched a new learning management system, and a great alumni forum community to support the connections you’ve made.  All because of your commitment to the program!  It’s inspiring, and because of that we want to continue to support you as you grow and do great things.  I’m here to chat anytime, take your feedback and make this thing better.  Thank you for your commitment to leadership, and to taking UNISYS to the next level!

Introducing the UNISYS LDP Alumni Site

This week, each of our LDP alumni has received an invite to our new learning management platform, Thinkific, which will provide the material access you’ve requested, and a place to connect, share resources and discuss topics as a team!  (If it went to junk mail, please search for Our team will pop in sometimes to share great articles or musings on leadership at work in today’s workplace within the UNISYS LDP Alumni community space. Please take a few minutes to join!  And share any feedback

Coaches Corner

Sleep….shhhhhhh….brought to you by Dr. Norma Fiedotin

Hi LDP alumni! I wanted to talk about one of my favorite topics: Sleep. While many (including myself) speak about the benefits of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and meditation, the importance of sleep on our physical, cognitive, and emotional health does not seem to get the same level of attention. I won’t bore you with all the ways sleep impacts us (this article is a good start:, but I will highlight that sleep has a significant impact on our ability to demonstrate emotional intelligence, maintain a growth mindset, manage complexity, and communicate effectively.

While sleeping, both your mind and your body are carrying out the important tasks of recovery, hormonal regulation, learning, and emotional regulation, to name a few. Our ability to retain what we have learned, be in control of our emotions, focus, and manage complex problems is improved when we are well-rested. For example, impacts our ability to manage our feelings and thus our behaviors, allowing us, for example, to “pause” before speaking or acting. Think back to a time in which you struggled to sleep well over the course of a week or two, did you feel you were your best self at that time? Did you struggle with patience and flexibility? Did you notice a decline in energy or stamina?

There are many ways to improve your sleep, including all the well-known sleep habits such as no caffeine after 12pm, not drinking alcohol at night, turning off screens 2 hours before bedtime, and maintaining a consistent sleep and rise schedule. For me, I obtained an additional boost to my sleep quantity and quality in the past 2 years by using the sleep portion of a meditation app (I personally like Calm). For nearly a year I used the guided meditations and progressive relaxations to help me nod off to sleep. Now, I’m loving the sleep stories about trains, the Earth, animals, etc. I can never make it through even half a whole story before I’m off to La La Land. Find what works for you because sleep is essential for all of us but does not always get its “props” in our go-go-go society. Sleep well, all!

Changing of the Guard

Congratulations to Class 2 graduates!   We were thrilled to be a part of your LDP experience, and can’t wait to hear about all the amazing things you have ahead.  Please keep in touch! And we’d like to extend a warm welcome to the newest class in the Unisys LDP program, class 3.  Please welcome them as you “see them around the office.” 

Calling All Alumni!

We are actively creating ways for you to participate in the class Zoom sessions at the end of each month.  If you have a passion for one of the course modules, or you’d like to join in a roundtable with the newest cohort of leadership students, please email and  We have a ideas on how we can use your incredible perspective to make the course even better. Dates and topics below, which one would you like to be a part of?

September 28: Growth Mindset Webinar 

October 26: Communications Webinar 

Nov 30: Empowering Others webinars 

Jan 4: Emotional Intelligence 

Feb 1: Transparency Webinar 

March 1: Managing Complexity Webinar