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Note from Jon

Happy New Year, Class 1 Alumni! We are thrilled to have you as a part of the UNISYS LDP network, and happy to have a new format to keep connections going in the months and years to come. As the foundational class, you did so much for the program by providing feedback that has allowed us to make the course even stronger for those to follow you. Thank you!

We have a few exciting ways we’d like to support you with content and opportunities in the months ahead, but we’d love to hear what’s most important to you. Please reach out to me,, Lacey with any ideas or thoughts you have.

In the meantime, congratulations on flexing to the requirements of a demanding year of change in the midst of a pandemic. As leaders, you rose to the challenges of 2020 and we are proud to call you alumni. Cheers to 2021! We are here to support.



The TPI Virtual Bookshelf

We’ve heard from you that miss your monthly LDP content, so we’re here for you! We have started a vibrant podcast program here at TPI, and we’re happy to share a few of our favorites along the way.

This month, we highly recommend the Leading through Chaos series available now on the podcast site. From former SEAL Coleman Ruiz, to executives from a few of our other partner organizations, we believe you’ll find leadership sparks and interesting perspectives to support you in the year ahead. Podcasts can be found here:

Let us know what you think!

Coaches Corner

In this “Coaches Corner” feature, we are excited to share insight and resources from the TPI coaches you have worked with over the months and years. Our first feature comes from Dr. Alyssa Adams, who many will remember as their coach throughout the LDP experience. She’s a superstar. Thank you, Alyssa!

Hi LDP alumni! I wanted to share a great book that I just finished, "Wired for Authenticity" by Henna Inam. How can we lead authentically? Why does it feel so hard to be authentic in different professional environments? Henna tackles these questions (and more), and she normalizes the feeling of wanting to please others or holding back parts of ourselves at work. One of her exercises involves being self-reflective and noticing when you have a visceral reaction to a situation at work. Was the reaction triggered by a particular person, a particular personality style, or a unique experience? She suggests pausing, noticing the reaction, and then digging a little deeper to notice why this feeling is happening. And, most importantly, choosing your behavior intentionally instead of reacting by default. I highly recommend checking out the book for actionable strategies to lead authentically!

Alyssa Adams

Executive Performance Coach

UNISYS LDP Program Update

Class 2 of the UNISYS Leadership Development Program is in full swing! The cohort is more than halfway through the program and headed towards graduation. We have truly enjoyed getting to know this unique group, and are happy to one day welcome them into the alumni fold. If you “see” any of these UNISYS team members in your daily routine, feel free to check in with them! They are excited to build connections across classes.


Alumni Spotlight: Tina Allison

We are looking forward to spotlighting a new alumni with every newsletter! We love learning more about each of you, your work and your passions. We’re starting this off with Tina Allison, a southern California member of the UNISYS team with an unbelievable gift for beautiful projects around her home. (She doesn’t mention this, but it’s true.).

About you...

Tell us a bit about you....what team are you on, what country, what is your role/title?

New Commercial organization, title: Client Delivery Executive, US based- located in Southern California

What is something about you we can't find on your resume?

I’m an avid reader, novice DYI enthusiast, self-proclaimed foodie and our triplets are now at driver permit age and I’m scared to death.

What do you hope for in 2021?

Career opportunities, travel (fun or work), some sort of return to normalcy.

Your LDP Experience:

How has your participation in the UNISYS LDP program impacted you?

I have so many tools in my tool belt.  Most important is learning the benefit of work/life balance. I’m still struggling with this as are my coworkers who had become accustomed to my 12 hour days.  Communication is important all the way around to avoid frustrations for everyone.

What was your favorite LDP module? Why?

At “graduation” time I felt like Growth Mindset was my favorite, it is a top contender but I think that I’m now focusing more on Transparency and Building Trust lately. It has served me well over the last few months as my communication increased, the more input I received, when I was frustrated I shared my thoughts/approach and found support from others in dealing with issues I felt I was alone in resolving. Honesty can be like honey – sweet and sticky and most people like it.

Where do you see your biggest growth after completing the LDP program (personally and/or professionally)?

I realized that the world will not collapse without me.  I’m finding time for myself, blocking time in my day to get work done and setting guardrails for myself. I read an article about the Maker and Manager Schedule by Paul Graham (Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule ( it’s eye opening!  If I had not gone through the LDP program I would have read it as a “sure… right” type of article, but now I’m more open to these concepts than I was previously.