Bridget helped me articulate areas I wanted to work on, challenged me to ​create goals, and helped me​ develop plans to execute them​…all while gently and firmly keeping me accountable. ​She’s an incredible listener and coach, and helped me work through small challenges and explore large, philosophical questions.

​I weathered two big professional changes while working with Bridget and she guided me through them with a encouraging manner. Bridget’s invaluable influence touches almost every aspect of my professional life. The tools and techniques I have learned from working with her have been so helpful, I’ve applied many of them to my personal life, too! I hear her supportive words when I use my new skills to make a tough decision, face a challenge, or just need a little nudge to keep moving forward.


Bridget is that friend on your shoulder that everyone wishes they had when trying to grow personally and professionally. Through intensive self-study, coaching sessions, and well-structured conversations, Bridget instilled in me a confidence I was not aware I had when transitioning out of the Army to the corporate world. Her tireless commitment and love for what she does showed in every conversation we had. I will be eternally grateful for her help in assisting me to redefine and hone my goals at the micro level that had a major impact upon my life. Lessons learned from Bridget are already serving me well in my current job and will assist me in all my future endeavors.