Matt Perron, VP Global Alliances

Jon does an amazing job of helping teams work better together. We had Jon train us in January and we had a phenomenal Q1. So we asked Jon to come back! Everyone who attended our workshop left Jon’s leadership training session so fired up. The session set the tone for the rest of our team meeting and it made the two days so much more effective. Great investment in the most important thing there is, our people. Jon loves helping others and it shows.

Through their coaching and guidance, I have been able to not only take my career to new heights but those of my own team as well.


Laura is extremely impressive, a poised presenter and clearly an expert in her field.


Bridget helped me articulate areas I wanted to work on, challenged me to ​create goals, and helped me​ develop plans to execute them​…all while gently and firmly keeping me accountable. ​She’s an incredible listener and coach, and helped me work through small challenges and explore large, philosophical questions.

​I weathered two big professional changes while working with Bridget and she guided me through them with a encouraging manner. Bridget’s invaluable influence touches almost every aspect of my professional life. The tools and techniques I have learned from working with her have been so helpful, I’ve applied many of them to my personal life, too! I hear her supportive words when I use my new skills to make a tough decision, face a challenge, or just need a little nudge to keep moving forward.