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Our Approach

Today's global environment demands agility — to make an impact, we must be able to reach our client organizations where they are.  Our powerful virtual delivery programs connect our TPI team with globally dispersed teams on a daily basis, now delivering value across 13 countries and counting.  Read on to learn more.

Across all of our service offerings, we provide virtual capabilities to be the best partner possible. From keynote speakers to team coaching and everything in between, we do it all with a team roster that is second to none — from PhDs to Navy SEALs. We're equipped with the best tools and technology to assess leaders and teams, evaluate opportunities for growth, and lay the foundation for more purposeful and impactful career journeys. 

Keynote Speaking

Our team at TPI will develop a carefully crafted, custom keynote message from anywhere to anywhere. With a catalog of virtual keynotes in our library, we have the flexibility, polish and experience to broadcast a message to your event's central theme throughout the world.

Performance Training Workshops

Bring all of your team together, virtually. We deliver powerful results that empower your team to work toward common goals that not only teach them to operate more cohesively with each other but also perform better independently. Through breakout sessions and more, small groups benefit from our experienced facilitators' individualized attention driving big results for your business.

Leadership Development Program

Our global leadership development program (LDP) is our newest, next-level service offering. Designed to help companies develop leaders, LDP features custom curriculum, one-on-one assignments and team-building exercises with a custom digital platform that virtually connects clients from anywhere in the world with us. Our innovative approach will accelerate the participant's evolution, both personally and professionally, to foster growth and productivity and continue building a culture of success across your organization.

Executive Performance Coaching

By far our most-requested offering, remote coaching sessions meet the needs of our busy clients and have an extensive, proven track record of results. Our success is due to our team of amazing coaches who bring extraordinary life experiences and a passion for helping people be the best versions of themselves. 

In everything we do, the TPI model improves executives through effective strategies forged in high-level, rigorous environments. Some of the biggest companies in the world are integrating our team into theirs and investing in their people in a tangible, meaningful way that delivers measurable results.


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  • Dell
  • Fortinet
  • Great American
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