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Happy New Year 2019 Article

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“Leadership isn’t about winning. It’s about bringing people with you to the finish line.” – John C. Maxwell

Leaders know all about finish lines. They deal with them constantly and make dozens of decisions every day that impact schedules, goals, strategies, attitudes and motivations – for themselves and the people they lead. As we approach the big end-of-year finish line, it’s a great time to recalibrate our priorities, recharge our resources and arm ourselves for the opportunities and challenges 2019 will bring.

The demanding push and pull of the finish line makes this time of year one of my favorites. It’s a chance to take an honest look at how I performed against my goals, how well I led in the face of adversity (and success), and how well I’m prepared to set an aggressive new finish line out into the distance. For the past several weeks, our team at TPI has been helping organizations ask those very questions and recalibrate to maximize the potential of their top performers.

Celebrate your wins. Find some downtime to recharge your batteries. Set new personal, team and organizational goals for 2019 that take you out of your comfort zone. Here’s to a strong finish to 2018 and a New Year’s filled with hope, love and blessings.