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Alyssa Adams, PsyD, BCC, ACC

Alyssa Adams, PsyD, BCC, ACC

Director of Executive Performance Coaching

Alyssa is an executive coach that helps leaders to perform at their peak – both professionally and personally.

Alyssa is a clinical psychologist and board-certified coach and has worked with individuals and teams in the private sector and federal government medical centers for almost 15 years. She has provided direct patient care, directed an outpatient clinical department, served as principal investigator on multiple research projects, and managed the operations of a national adaptive sports medicine program. Alyssa developed policies to bring integrative health services to federal government healthcare, and she directed the first standalone integrative health outpatient program in the Veterans Affairs system. In 2016, Alyssa received a leadership award for her federal service. She has authored numerous scientific publications and presented at national conferences. She has also presented on the topic of mindfulness in the workplace for corporate audiences.

She is an expert in creating transformation and behavior change with clients and creating organizational change in complex environments. Her strong background in innovative service delivery led her to participate on a national team that was tasked with bringing innovative healthcare solutions into Veterans Affairs medical centers. She is passionate about changing beliefs and thinking patterns in individuals, teams, and organizations to allow them to adopt innovative solutions, to think creatively, and to build high performing teams.

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