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Elite Teams Are Forged Through Challenge and Change

Developing elite teams of leaders who are prepared to overcome change and take on every challenge.

Developing elite teams of leaders who are prepared to overcome change and take on every challenge

At Team Performance Institute we know that people can rise to a challenge, and leaders can draw inspiration from change. To make that happen, you need a clear path forward and the ability to adapt. The problem is company progress will slow or even stop if you can't inspire and coach your people to a greater performance. Change can be unsettling, resulting in missed opportunities and diminished growth. We believe you need the right partner to help transform your people into an elite team.

Trusted by the World’s Best

I can’t offer high enough praise for Jon – from his service as a Navy SEAL to the corporate board room, Jon is a proven team-builder. I know from personal experience though partnering with Jon that he inspires the best in others in driving individual and team performance. He epitomizes leadership, teamwork, and values.

General Stanley McChrystal
Retired U.S. Army General, JSOC

I highly recommend Team Performance Institute to any organization facing challenges… Amazing Impact! One of the best decisions we could have made.

Eric Hutto
Chief Executive Officer, Diversified

My team has been moved to action. The credentials of TPI’s coaches read like a who’s who of impressive life achievements – from military special operations to PhDs. More importantly, they reinforced the intrinsic values we highly regard in our leadership team. Not only is my team more driven to improve their organizational performance, but they’re more empowered in their personal lives as well.

Ray Lipsky
Senior Vice President, Dell Technologies

One of the most insightful and moving conversations I’ve ever had. The entire leadership team walked away with a feeling of “we can do this. TOGETHER!” It was relevant to our business and to our brand and left an impact on all of us. Leading through change is an evolution; not a revolution.

Deb Radcliff
Chief Marketing Officer, 5.11 Tactical

Mr. Sanchez was a wonderful change in pace and a powerful reminder on teamwork, initiative, and communication…I am so grateful to be a part of an organization that invests in me as much as I invest in it.

Francesca Fenili
Sr. Account Executive, Media Sales at T-Mobile

Jon is a world class communicator who approaches every task with a passion that is rarely seen. We were thrilled to have him as keynote at our annual conference. He is truly a reflection of the core American values of inspiration, leadership and dedication.

Steve Wanamacher
CEO, CDO Magazine

To say this was a game changer for me would be an understatement, this was a life changer.

Jeff Edwards
Partner Director, Sales | Service Provider, Cisco

I really enjoyed Jon’s presentation and the following resonated with me: Battlefield Expectations – Always improve your fighting position: Continue to learn & grow with the YuMe offerings Exploit all technical and tactical advantages: Discuss YuMe advantages and why we’re #1 with our agencies and clients Push situational awareness up and down the chain: Stay close to management and internal teams and help them understand your challenges In the absence of orders, take charge & lead: Own your business. Step up and be a leader even when you’re not asked to.

Lynsey Daniel Skoch
VP of Client Partnerships at Zeta

Team Performance Institute Drives Higher Levels of Organizational Performance and Life Empowerment

Teams Led With Purpose

Company growth will stagnate or fall if you can’t inspire your people to a greater purpose.

Increased Revenue Growth

Confident team members and inspired leaders grow profitability and enjoy success.

Greater Work / Life Harmony

A state of equilibrium in which the demands of personal, professional, and family life are equal.

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Custom Tailored Keynote Speeches – Virtual or In-Person

Keynote speeches designed to improve organizational performance through proven success strategies in military special operations, sales, and management. In addition to in-person engagements, we offer innovative virtual keynote experiences that maximize reach, limit travel and streamline the way companies connect dispersed teams with key messaging. Our team includes noted national speakers on leadership, teamwork, patriotism, overcoming adversity, and the power of service.

With a focus on innovation, we use our experiences and vision to help our clients progress forward. Connect with us to see how your organization might leverage the TPI platform actively used by recognized Fortune 500 companies and $3B tech giants.

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Experiential Keynote Speaking Engagements

Drive individual and team performance

Engaging, interactive content that reads like your favorite magazine. Rich stories and the latest research are pulled together in a format that leaders look forward to each month, enhanced by stories and personal exercises that translate learning into impactful action.
To enrich each monthly topic, why not tap into the experience and perspective of your own top leadership? Using our “Next Level” Podcast platform, TPI produces an on-topic monthly podcast that reinforces key concepts and growth areas.
The cornerstone to lasting personal growth. Our trained and credentialed executive performance coaches partner with participants for purpose driven coaching engagements.In addition to supporting learning, coaching flexes to unique needs, stresses, and tensions.
Group Webinar
Group Webinar
A final group webinar provides the last step in each month of growth. Facilitators use discussion based, small group learning to highlight key tenets, discuss and apply across the company landscape. Immediate impact is felt across teams.
Growth Mindset
Content Testing

Leaders will learn/review the concepts of Neuroplasticity and Growth Mindset through material rooted in the tenets of Stanford professor Dr. Carol Dweck’s breakthrough research that abilities – intelligence, leadership, talent – can be built and developed over time. Students will create an awareness of how Fixed vs. Growth Mindset is showing up for them in work and in life and identify specific ways to apply Growth Mindset in support of personal growth and success within the organization.