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The Next Level Podcast

with Jack Carr

BY: Jon Sanchez | Date:

“The Next Level” podcast, hosted by Jon Sanchez, recently featured an insightful interview with Jack Carr, a former Navy SEAL and bestselling author. Jack shared his journey from military service to becoming a successful writer, highlighting the role Jon played in opening the door to his writing career.

Jack’s passion for serving his country was deeply rooted in his early childhood memories, particularly the influence of his grandfather, a World War II Marine Corsair pilot. Inspired by his grandfather’s service, Jack set his sights on joining the Navy SEALs at a young age. His love for reading, nurtured by his librarian mother, exposed him to thrilling stories featuring characters with military backgrounds. He not only enjoyed these books but also learned the art of storytelling from them.

His commitment to learning extended beyond reading fiction. Jack studied various aspects of warfare and counterinsurgencies, constantly expanding his knowledge and applying the power of myth to his understanding of literature and film.

Jack considers both his military service and writing as professions rather than mere careers. He differentiates between a profession, characterized by dedication and a sense of calling, and a career, which often revolves around personal advancement. He emphasizes the importance of commitment and viewing one’s work as integral to their identity.

During the interview, Jack and Jon delved into the intense training process for Navy SEALs, known as BUD/S. Jack highlighted the importance of mental fortitude and grit, noting that many physically prepared individuals quit during the grueling Hell Week. BUD/S serves as a crucible, testing individuals’ determination and resilience.

Both Jack and Jon reflected on their time as Navy SEALs, acknowledging the difficulty of the job and the high standards they held themselves and their teammates to. They viewed their service as a testament to their professionalism and dedication.

The conversation also touched on Jack’s current projects, including his bestselling book series and the adaptation of his first novel, “The Terminal List,” into an Amazon Prime video series. Jack expressed his excitement about seeing his characters come to life on screen and discussed his latest book, “The Devil’s Hand.”

Throughout the interview, Jack emphasized the importance of continuous learning, teamwork, trust-building, and accountability. He shared insights on leadership, followership, and the impact individuals can have on those around them. He expressed deep respect for military families and emphasized the role they play in supporting service members. Finally, he discussed the power of culture within organizations and the significance of everyday actions in reinforcing core values.

Jack Carr’s interview on “The Next Level” offered a captivating exploration of his journey from a Navy SEAL to a bestselling author. His dedication to continuous improvement, his commitment to his craft, and his appreciation for the sacrifices of military families serve as inspiration to listeners. As he continues to make an impact through his writing and other ventures, Jack’s insights on leadership, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence resonate with individuals striving to reach their own “next level.”

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Our Guests

Jack Carr

Thriller Author | Former Navy Seal

Jack Carr is a highly acclaimed thriller author and former Navy SEAL. With his unique blend of real-world experience and riveting storytelling, Carr has captivated readers with his gripping novels. As a former Navy SEAL, he brings an authentic perspective to his writing, crafting thrilling and immersive tales of action, suspense, and intrigue. Carr's books have garnered widespread praise for their meticulous attention to detail and compelling characters. His expertise and dedication to authenticity make him a standout in the genre. With each new release, Carr continues to solidify his reputation as a masterful thriller author, delivering high-octane stories that keep readers on the edge of their seats.