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Emily Grandinetta

Emily Grandinetta

Executive Performance Coach

Emily has held executive roles with leading consultancies and managed her own private practices, serving organizations and their leaders — from start-ups to Fortune 500s — all across the globe.
Emily previously served as a talent strategist and performance coach for Fortune 500 company Accenture. While there, she oversaw a variety of initiatives, including individual coaching and mentoring through
the company’s emerging leader development program and design/ implementation of a culture building program for a 350-person IT organization across the U.S.
The author of “Field Tested: Recruiting, Managing & Retaining Veterans,” Emily led a military transition coaching program as president of King Street Associates. Her private practice also provided individual and
team coaching to clients including Booz Allen Hamilton, Fannie Mae, AARP, Sodexo, Comcast, and Merck, among others. She currently leads Grandinetta Group, providing individual coaching to public and private sector clients.
Emily has earned a host of professional certifications, including Hogan Leadership Assessments, EQ
Profile, PLP Leadership Profile, MBTI and KF360 Assessment. She has a master’s in organizational development from Johns Hopkins University and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching from
Georgetown. Emily is currently based in the Washington D.C. area.


New Challenges Demand Great Leaders & Elite Teams

Stop being the organization that is diminished by anxiety or doubt. Rise up to meet new challenges so you can seize your lucrative position in the marketplace. The key to creating a high-performing organization can be found in teams that are unified by challenges.

Team Performance Institute is ready to help you forge an elite team of leaders who are prepared to overcome change and take on every challenge.