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Leadership Development Program

An Immersive Leadership Experience, Built For Impact

Based on topics chosen by your key leadership, this fully customized program specifically aligns to your organization’s goals and perspective by leveraging the power of 4 distinct delivery methods each month: Interactive articles crafted by our PhD researcher/writer team; on-topic podcasts with organizational leadership; one-on-one executive performance coaching to support a participant’s unique journey, and a team-based webinar that wraps up the month’s growth and learning.

The monthly path to growth includes:

Engaging, interactive content that reads like your favorite magazine. Rich stories and the latest research are pulled together in a format that leaders look forward to each month, enhanced by stories and personal exercises that translate learning into impactful action.

To enrich each monthly topic, why not tap into the experience and perspective of your own top leadership? Using our “Next Level” Podcast platform, TPI produces an on-topic monthly podcast that reinforces key concepts and growth areas.

The cornerstone to lasting personal growth. Our trained and credentialed executive performance coaches partner
with participants for purpose driven coaching engagements. In addition to supporting learning, coaching flexes to unique needs, stresses, and tensions.

Group Webinar
A final group webinar provides the last step in each month of growth. Facilitators use discussion based, small group learning to highlight key tenets, discuss and apply across the company landscape. Immediate impact is felt across teams.

Our Testimonials

I can’t offer high enough praise for Jon – from his service as a Navy SEAL to the corporate board room, Jon is a proven team-builder. I know from personal experience though partnering with Jon that he inspires the best in others in driving individual and team performance. He epitomizes leadership, teamwork, and values.

General Stanley McChrystal
Retired U.S. Army General, JSOC

I highly recommend Team Performance Institute to any organization facing challenges… Amazing Impact! One of the best decisions we could have made.

Eric Hutto
President & Chief Operating Officer, Unisys

My team has been moved to action. The credentials of TPI’s coaches read like a who’s who of impressive life achievements – from military special operations to PhDs. More importantly, they reinforced the intrinsic values we highly regard in our leadership team. Not only is my team more driven to improve their organizational performance, but they’re more empowered in their personal lives as well.

Ray Lipsky
Senior Vice President, Dell EMC

New Challenges Demand Great Leaders & Elite Teams

Stop being the organization that is diminished by anxiety or doubt. Rise up to meet new challenges so you can seize your lucrative position in the marketplace. The key to creating a high-performing organization can be found in teams that are unified by challenges.

Team Performance Institute is ready to help you forge an elite team of leaders who are prepared to overcome change and take on every challenge.