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Executive Performance Coaching

Trust Our Experts to Push Your Team to the Next Level

Leadership coaching designed to help executives and their teams realize their full potential. Ideal for new leaders, senior leaders taking on new roles, proven leaders looking to get to the next level and leaders guiding their teams through adversity and change.

Our coaches are from diverse backgrounds with vast business and personal leadership experience. From Naval Academy graduates to gold medalists to athletes to Navy SEALs, our team draws from their experience and training to speak directly to your needs.

Some examples of outcomes from our executive performance coaching programs include:

  • Getting clear and implementing personal and professional fulfillment
  • Increasing and optimizing leadership capacity and transitions
  • Exploring and defining passions, desires, boundaries and goals as they relate to personal and professional roles
  • Developing and implementing a personal mission statement with guided next steps

Our process for getting you the results you want is based on one-on-one coaching sessions intentionally tailored to meet your needs and goals. Because we believe that a person is more than just flesh and bone, we seek to bring together the mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions of each client so that whole person is involved in the growth and transformation of the coaching work. Because of the depth and breadth of our elite, accomplished team, we match each client with a coach that we believe will bring out the greatest potential in them.

  • Coaching meetings twice a month
  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Alignment of your values with your actions
  • Experiencing work/life passion through implementation of learnings

Our Testimonials

I can’t offer high enough praise for Jon – from his service as a Navy SEAL to the corporate board room, Jon is a proven team-builder. I know from personal experience though partnering with Jon that he inspires the best in others in driving individual and team performance. He epitomizes leadership, teamwork, and values.

General Stanley McChrystal
Retired U.S. Army General, JSOC

If you’re looking for someone who will wow your audience, retired Navy SEAL Jonathan Sanchez is that person! Jon has a way of appealing to every audience member with his humble and unique speaking style. He has captured 10 years of lessons learned and was able to show us how to apply each situation to our personal and professional lives.

Kevin Hickey

Kevin Hickey
President & CEO, BeyondTrust

Five stars. Simply an amazing motivational speaker. Wall-to-wall motivation, integrity, and passion. The SEALs chose Jon because he's the best. So should your company.

Brad Thor Headshot

Brad Thor
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

New Challenges Demand Great Leaders & Elite Teams

Stop being the organization that is diminished by anxiety or doubt. Rise up to meet new challenges so you can seize your lucrative position in the marketplace. The key to creating a high-performing organization can be found in teams that are unified by challenges.

Team Performance Institute is ready to help you forge an elite team of leaders who are prepared to overcome change and take on every challenge.